AAMC Council for Faculty and Academic Societies


In February 2013, the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) decided to transition the Council of Academic Societies (CAS) to the Council of Faculty and Academic Societies (CFAS).  The revised membership structure is intended to strengthen faculty voices within the AAMC.  In addition to the current two representatives from each of nearly 90 academic societies, each medical school was asked to appoint, in consultation with internal faculty bodies, two faculty representatives: one faculty member within 10 years of initial career faculty appointment, and the other a department chair or a comparable faculty leader. 

The Faculty Steering Committee entertained nominations for these two positions.  The names were reviewed by the Office of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development (OFAPD) to confirm that the nominees were in good standing with the institution.  The nominees were then sent to the Dean who selected Jennifer N. Choi, MD and James H. Jones, MD to serve on the AAMC CFAS. 

The responsibilities of this position include:

  1. Representatives will serve on CFAS for a three year term, but in the first year of appointment will serve randomly assigned periods of two to four years.
  2. They must actively solicit and represent concerns of IUSM faculty to the CFAS.

More information can be found on the AAMC Council of Faculty and Academic Societies (CFAS) website.

CFAS began strategic planning in November 2013 and held its first meeting in March 2014.  A summary from the March meeting is available: AAMC_CFAS_Meeting_Summary_3-19-14.pdf.

A recent presentation by James H. Jones, MD, Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine and IUSM Representative on the AAMC CFAS, is also available.

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